About PixelW3 Technologies

Our company PixelW3 Technologies, is providing the qualitative search engine optimization services since 2012, we have a team of search engine optimization experts who can optimize any type of website, be it a simple static website to a complex shopping cart website.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is a process to increase the website traffic, meaning get more visitors to website by improving the position of the website in search engines. As you know, internet is home to billions of websites. The challenge here is to make the people visit your website than visiting other billion websites. This work is not easy as it sounds, here is the need of professional search engine optimization services provider company like PixelW3 Technologies. Like it is said, the professional work must be left to professionals to deal with.

What We Did…?

We have worked on many search engine optimization projects ranging from industries like travel, eCommerce, finance, entertainment, WordPress and the like, the prospective clients can go through our portfolio section to see the websites which we have optimized and promoted.

As a part being a search engine optimization company, our clients are from Indian cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Gurgaon and major world cities like New York, London, Sydney, etc,.

Our SEO Services

As said earlier, search engine optimization process is a very complex process which should be done carefully, any mistakes in the process will affects the site position in search engines which will adversely affect the website traffic, our SEO team will work in such a way that the position of the website in search engines improves drastically in less time and to receive high traffic. Not all SEO companies in Hyderabad can deal with complex websites like we do, our SEO experts can deal with complex websites like shopping cart websites, WordPress websites. SEO for dynamic websites is the most challenging one which must be done by professional companies like our company.

SEO Workflow

As soon as we receive the clients SEO project, our top management team will dedicate a team of search engine optimization experts to work with clients, our SEO team in meetings with clients will understand the total picture of the website, the team will prepare a detailed analytical document of your website, like the current website position in search engines, the current website traffic rate, current inbound links status, current errors in the website, etc,. once this report is finalized, our team will discuss this report with the clients, the idea here is to keep the clients in the loop, once the clients gives the go ahead, our SEO team will start optimizing the website, we will maintain a professional approach while dealing with the SEO projects, will regularly update the clients about the SEO progress for the website.

Firstly, our team will complete the on page optimization work of the website, meaning completing and fixing the on website issues of the websites like broken links, 404 errors, low content, words spamming, improper link structure, improper navigation structure and then the media like photos, videos, etc,. This is crucial as the on website issues will severely affect the website position in search engines.

Then our team will work on the off-page optimization for the website, meaning the tasks to be done to outside of the website like forum discussions, blog maintenance, submission in local web directories, etc,.

About Quality of Service

Our SEO work will be thorough and will be done with fully professional approach. Our team will generate a weekly optimization and traffic report of the website which will be duly discussed with clients. Interested clients can go through SEO pricing table below to see different rates for different SEO projects.