PixelW3 Technologies About Email Marketing

Our company PixelW3 Technologies, is providing email marketing services, we have a team of highly experienced email marketing professionals who can work on any type of email marketing project.

The process of marketing a commercial email message to a group of people is called as email marketing, generally every email sent comes under email marketing, the purpose of this type of marketing should be request business, make sales, request donations, sending ads, building loyalty with customers and also improving the brand awareness.

For every above email marketing purpose, the email marketing campaigns will be different for each purpose, our management team and the email marketing will decide which email marketing campaign is best suitable for the clients business, which depends on business requirements.

For example, only for promoting brands, promotional email marketing campaigns are required, for requesting business, request email marketing campaigns are required, the email marketing campaigns depends on the goal of the businesses.

People should know email marketing is mostly classified into three types of email marketing, transactional emails, direct emails and mobile email marketing. In transaction emails, as the name suggests, the emails will be sent in response to a previous transaction, for example, if the customer make a purchase, the transaction email will be of the cost receipt, and if a customer make a payment, the transaction email will be of the pay receipt.

In direct emails, the email marketing will be done to send promotional messages about business products or services, in this type of email marketing, mostly companies will rent email address from services companies.

In mobile email marketing, the email campaign will be done to attract mobile visitors towards the business goals, as these days, most the people are browsing on mobiles and smartphones, the mobile email marketing will be done to attract these people towards the business goals.

Our email marketing services is divided into three phases, contact management, email creation, sending and reporting.

Contact management features include, easy to use dashboard, creating a mailing list, removing unsubscribed contacts from the mailing list, preparing group email contacts, preparing a system to automatically detect duplicate emails, integrating the mailing list with social media tools, creating demographic sections in the mailing list if required.

In the second phase, email creation features include, image embedding in emails, creating mobile ready templates, creating an advanced inbox, making A/B testing for the mailing lists created, adding images, adding hyperlinks, doing basic formatting, creating plain-text email messages if required, creating HTML messages if required, creating messages from template, creating auto response emails, preparing a email set-up wizard.

In the third phase, sending and reporting features include creating email job schedulers, testing emails before sending them, doing a spam test for the emails to be sent, creating email aliases, creating emails which will be opened when landed in destination email addresses, also forwarded emails which will be viewed as forwarded when landed in destination email addresses, creating a system to reduce the bounced emails, if required, exporting the reports to clients, social media integration for the reports, dividing the emails sent based on delivered and undelivered and in the last comparing message reports to know the progress of the email marketing campaigns.

We will also include an email or online form for help and support in the email marketing campaign, including the contact details directly in the email marketing campaigns.

Interested clients should know that all our email marketing campaigns will be intact with no room for any failures; the clients should be assured of sure shot positive results from us if hired for your email marketing campaigns.

In the portfolio section, we have included all the email marketing campaigns we have done till now and also the pricing section.

Email marketing campaigns rates depends on the number of contacts selected for the email campaign; minimum is 500 contacts which will go up to 50,000 contacts.