PixelW3 Technologies About Pay Per Click Services

Our company PixelW3 Technologies, is offering pay per click services as part of our digital marketing services, we have a team of experienced pay per click professionals to work on internet advertising of the clients websites. Pay Per Click is a type of internet advertising model where a client will pay the money to the publisher. In digital marketing services field, to the search engines like Google & Yahoo whenever your ad is clicked. In return, the search engines will send traffic to your website. On your website, it is your responsibility to convert the traffic into customers. As it involves money, the advertisers must be careful in dealing pay per click, if any mistakes knowingly or unknowingly will result in loss of money.

Lot of business owners will lose money by hiring companies with inexperienced pay per click professionals, it is important to hire professional Web Services Company which offers digital marketing services like our company PixelW3 technologies to work on your pay per click advertising.

Pay per click process will get you traffic which will be called as paid traffic, the traffic from search engine optimization services will be organic traffic but takes some time to get the traffic in thousands of numbers, but in pay per click, the traffic will be in thousands from the beginning, the drawback is business owners should spend money for the ads clicked.

In the pay per click model, the advertisers will be given a range of keywords for your businesses with a price range starting with as low as $1 going up to $3000, the higher the price range of the keyword, the more is the traffic with the keyword, so startup companies or small sized companies should go for keywords in low to medium price range, as said above, the search engines will send the traffic to your website but it is the responsibility on your part to convert the traffic to customers.

Usually, advertisers will direct the visitors to action page in the website like products page, services page, login page, etc,. Here, the action page should be well designed with all the interactive features to convert the traffic into customers, if you are not able to convert the visitors into customers, then the money spent on pay per click services will be of no use.

Seeing the popularity of the pay per click services, we started offering this service from 2012; interested clients can go through our portfolio section to go through the pay per click projects which we have done for the clients.

As said above, the pay per click project will be part of our digital marketing services project, once our top management get the project from client, the management team will depute a team of pay per click professionals to work on the pay per click project. Initially the team will understand the nature of your business website, current traffic report of the website, current keyword strength of the website. Based on the analysis, the team will prepare an analytical report, the same will be discussed with clients, then the team and clients will finalize a list of action keywords, once the list is finalized, the team will give the price list of the keywords, this price list will be excluded from the overall digital marketing services, meaning the client need to pay separate money for this list, not to the company but to the search engines, once we receive the payments, the team will then setup a pay per click account or an advertising account in Google, Yahoo which will cost money and then upload the list of keywords, from then on the team will regularly monitor the traffic to the website, at your end, the team will suggest you what must be done for conversions.

The clients will be given a weekly traffic report and also the money spent on ads, as for the other services, the team will maintain a professional approach in dealing with pay per click services projects.