PixelW3 Technologies About Logo Design

Our company, PixelW3 technologies is also providing logo designing services, we have a team of expert logo designers who can design any type of logos, be it for an individual or for a company. See our logo designs in our portfolio section.

For any individual or a company, logo represents the unique identity, for businesses, logo is the critical aspect of business marketing, it represents the brand of the company and also help the company’s product and service noticed by the people. Logo is the most viewed part of a website or a company.

Attributes used in logo designing like fonts, colors, images will give the people an insight of the brand of the company, so a well designed logo is a must to stay ahead of the competitors, although people see only images, fonts, colors in logos everywhere, it is important to share some information about the company through the logo, for example technical companies have logos in different shape than the logos of service based companies.

We at PixelW3 technologies, understand the importance of a well designed logo in attracting people, we offer professional logo designing service, whenever people see your visiting card, letter head, or brochure, the first thing which is viewed is the logo, so it is not advisable to ruin your brand, service or business by hiring inexperienced logo designers in designing your logos and also using freely available internet tools, you must hire professional company like PixelW3 technologies for this task.

Interested clients must know all our logo design projects will be handled by our top designing designing team and the creative team, initially our team will conduct a brainstorming session with clients about the nature of the logo, design of the logo and the purpose of the logo, once this is finalized, we will arrange a clients meeting with logo designers at our company, in this meeting, all the details of the design will be discussed like which technology to used in logo design, colors to be used, fonts to be used, images to be used, etc,. After this is finalized, our team will prepare a mockup logo which will be reviewed with the client, the advantage of the mockup logo is that it is a replica of the final logo which is approved by the client only after changes in the mockup logo if there are any.

After the mockup logo is finalized, the designers will start working on the design, our team will use the latest or most used technologies in designing the logo, clients should know that when compared to other logo designing companies in Hyderabad, the costs at PixelW3 technologies is very reasonable.

Clients will be updated about the progress of the project at every stage, our team will be in touch with the clients at every stage of the project, our team will make sure that the final delivery of the logo will match the clients’ business requirements and expectations.

After the logo is handed over to the client, we will provide full technical support for the logo to clients for duration of 1-2 months. During the project, our team will make sure that logo adheres to the latest quality standards and is compatible on mobile, desktop browsers, letterheads and brochures.