About PixelW3 Technologies

PixelW3 Technologies is providing the best static web design services in Hyderabad. Our website designers are knowledgeable and experienced in designing any type of static websites like a simple information website, portfolio website or a simple audio/video sharing website. PixelW3 technologies is your answer for your static web design needs.

Static website is a simple collection of web pages which are stored on a server to just provide information to the people. Static website is usually a website which displays the same information to all the visitors, like a website for a company to display its products and services in the form of text, photos, animations and simple navigation menus.

Not much technical work is to be done for setting up a static website, but non-technical people will find it some difficult to set up a static website, to save the time and resources, it is recommended to hire a professional web design company offering static website design services like our company PixelW3 technologies.

Like mentioned earlier, PixelW3 technologies is offering website design and web development services since 2012, interested clients can go through our static websites portfolio to see our static websites projects which we are doing since 2012, our web designing team have designed quite a few static websites, so be assured of neatly designed static website once you avail our static website design services.

Our Static Website Design Services

When compared to other website design companies in Hyderabad, our company is offering website design services at a very reasonable cost. Our web designing team is experienced to design any type of static website like an information website, simple photo, video displaying website, portfolio and services displaying website, etc,. Interested clients can go through our static website design workflow to understand our work model.

Our Static Website Design Workflow

Interested clients must known that all our static website design projects will be handled our web designing team, our designers team will conduct brainstorming sessions with client about the nature of the static website like how many pages need to be created, which technologies to be used, etc,. Once these brainstorming sessions are over, our web designers will prepare a blueprint for your static website, once this blueprint is ready, our management team and the designers will conduct a review meeting with client, after the blueprint is finalized, our web designers will start working on your static website.

Clients will be regularly updated about the progress of static website, after the project is completed, a review meeting will be conducted for clients feedback, if any changes to be made, our web designers will do the changes immediately, our intention is to hand over any web services project to clients in less time taking less costs. After the final round of changes, we will hand over the static website to clients, we will give a full technical support for 2 months time, all this consultation sessions, creating blueprint, designing static website, taking feedback, making final changes and giving technical support will take at least 6-7 days.

About Quality of Service

As said earlier we will use latest web technologies in making a static website design, like HTML5, CSS3, Angular JavaScript, etc,. We will design a static website which will be desktop and mobile devices compatible, the website will adhere to all the latest W3C coding and quality standards.

Interested clients can go through the tables below to see the price lists and terms and conditions of our services, go through our services and call us any time if you want to make your static website.