PixelW3 Technologies About WebSite Maintenace

PixelW3 technologies, is providing the best website maintenance services in Hyderabad. Our website maintenance team is experienced and knowledgeable to give maintenance solutions to any type of websites, be it simple information website, portfolio website, database driven website, e-commerce website, shopping cart website or a simple audio/video sharing website. PixelW3 Technologies is solution for website maintenance concerns.

Website maintenance can be done by you also if you are a technical person, but for a non-technical person, website maintenance will be very difficult, it is advised to seek the help of professional web companies who are offering the cost effective website maintenance issues, it is advised too for not seeking inexperienced persons or companies for websites maintenance as it ruin your website.

Clients should know general website maintenance includes revising of the website data like content, images, videos, etc, editing text, adding and uploading new photos, deleting old photos, videos, adding or deleting new services, products, etc or modifying existing web pages to keep your website up to date. Website maintenance solutions vary from one website to another website. We will assign a single point person to deal with your website maintenance concerns, the person will be experienced to handle any type of website maintenance concerns, the advantage of having single point person is that our team’s and your time and resources will be saved in dealing with one maintenance person instead of shuffling from one person to another.

We at PixelW3 Technologies knows very well that for a website to be fresh, new, relevant, the website should be regularly updated with new content as it is most inexpensive method in website maintenance.

For example, if it is a content only website, website maintenance for these websites will only involve fresh and new content updates, for a travel websites, maintenance only involves new tour dates, new prices and rates. For a news or events websites, maintenance involves updating the visitors with new events. For an image sharing website, the maintenance involves modifying your website with new images. For a product websites, adding or dealing with products.

We will use new technologies to performance monitor your website, or few websites will be filled with database driven pages, search and display functions, forms, etc,. for these types of websites, maintenance costs involves server side programming, we can manage ASP, JSP or PHP web pages for these websites.

Clients will be requested to send their website maintenance concerns via email only, as through email, clients can send large amount of images, videos, text, etc,. very easily. If not clients call call us or fill the modification below in this page.

Our Web Site Maintenance Policy

Maintenance Updates will be usually done within 12 working hours. We will thoroughly make the required changes and updates you about the status, it is also for the clients’ side to review the changes from their side, we will not charge money for issued caused on our part, we will charge the regular fees if the issues from the client side. So clients are advised to confirm the changes from their side too.

Clients should know the difference between updates and new design, regular updates will fall under website maintenance, but new design requirements will fall under website design which will be charged regular web design fees. Once the clients send the updates to us, we will verify whether their website maintenance or new design issues, in this regard, our decision will be final.

Due to prevailing economic conditions, many companies, individuals, firms are looking for ways to reduce costs, we know this very well and our website maintenance services will be in your budget.