PixelW3 Technologies About E-Commerce Development

Our company PixelW3 technologies, is offering e-Commerce development services, we have a team of experienced and well knowledgeable e-Commerce developers who are well expertise in developing any type of e-commerce websites.

Different types of solutions can be built with e-Commerce software. Some of them are On-premise eCommerce, SaaS e-commerce (Software as a Service E-commerce), open source eCommerce, Business to Consumer eCommerce, Business to Business eCommerce, consumer to business eCommerce, consumer to consumer eCommerce, integrated eCommerce, interfaced eCommerce and many more.

We have hired a team of well experienced e-Commerce developers with expertise in eCommerce Development, our eCommerce developers can work on any type of eCommerce websites.

Why companies should opt for eCommerce websites
  • Companies can move ahead of their competitors by developing cutting edge eCommerce websites with all the desired features.
  • Security and privacy features in eCommerce websites are also of a highest quality, you can hire the services of web development company like PixelW3 technologies to provide eCommerce websites with security and privacy features while shopping.
  • Companies can attract the people to their eCommerce websites by filling them with interactive and innovative features, the idea is to make the people stay on the websites for as much time as possible and to shop more items.
  • Companies can have a single website for both desktop and mobile platforms, through mobile platforms they can promote their products in front of huge audience.

Our company started offering eCommerce development services from 2012 and we have done well, prospective clients can go through our portfolio section to see our developed eCommerce websites across range of industries ranging from simple database driven websites to complex shopping cart websites.

When compared to other eCommerce development services providers in Hyderabad, our company’s services are cost effective to the maximum, we make sure that the designed eCommerce projects returns a higher return on investment.

As soon as we are hired by the clients for their eCommerce projects, our top management team will depute a dedicated eCommerce developers team to manage the eCommerce projects, the team will make a meeting with clients to understand the nature of their eCommerce projects, means what type of eCommerce solutions they need, which technology to be used in eCommerce, etc,. After this is finalized our developers’ team will then prepare a blueprint for the eCommerce project, after this our top management team along with developers team will conduct a meeting with clients about the blueprint of the eCommerce project, once the blueprint is finalized, our developers team will head start working for the eCommerce project.

Our developers make sure that the project is completed as early as possible, as we believe in fast handover of projects to clients, our team will keep the clients updated about the progress of the project regularly, so that the clients will also know what is going on with the project, the clients are free to report any changes during the making of the eCommerce website, unlike other clients who will bring entertain clients feedback only after completion of the project, we entertain clients feedback at every stage of making of eCommerce project, like in planning, designing, developing, etc,.

We will work on the clients suggested changes on the eCommerce project, once the changes are also completed, we will hand over the complete eCommerce project to the clients with full additional technical support for duration of 2 months, charges for this technical support should be discussed with our top management.

We will make sure that the eCommerce project will adhere to the latest coding guidelines and quality standards.